Off the Record: Commentary on the Journal of the Mississippi Baptist Convention

Here are a few items of interest in this week's Record.

Board sends record budget to messengers
The MBCB will be sending a record budget to messengers next month. According to William Perkins, "The proposed 2007 CP budget approved on August 29 by the convention board's executive committee and later by the full board, is $33,188,934 - $1,874,433, or 5.99%, higher than the twin 2005 and 2006 budget totals of $31, 314,491." This bold proposal will spark discussion but I believe will be passed by messengers. In additional action, The Conference Ministries Study Committee made a preliminary report on their work. Our prayers are with them.

Not to be taken seriously
William Perkins' editorial dealt with the humble educational background of outspoken Hollywood liberals. I would give him points for courage if he dealt with the humble educational background of some of the SBC's "Dr. Fundypreachers." The Baptist house is filled with a good deal of "worthless adulation." Maybe we should sweep our own porch.

Giving proves faith and love
David Michel wrote a great piece on missinal giving. We will be collecting the State Mission Offering in October. Pray about how you will participate.

Dr. Futral wrote, "The fourth and final thing that I have learned is that some people do not recognize, appreciate, or want any humor." He nailed that one. Keep writing Dr. Futral and I'll keep laughing. Your sense of humor is healthy. Some people just don't or won't get it.

Note: Will are still in revival at Truitt. Kevin Meador is doing a great job leading us to a more vital prayer life. Don't miss the rest of the services. Barry Landrum of West University Baptist (Houston, TX) will be our Sunday preacher. See you at church.


Perry McCall said...

I too felt like Perkin's comments were a little miss placed. The positions that many of the entertainers express are those of highly educated and articulate scholars and leaders through out our Country. I do not agree with many of them but worthy of engagement they are. He could have made his point about Brad Pitt’s comments without being so arrogant and offensive.

Did I read rightly that ONLY 35% of our CP actually goes to the CP!! What is that? $17 of every 100 the actually makes to the IMB?

The excerpt from ABP on the new web-site about Christian democrats was interesting. I know Roy Herron personally. He has a new book out published by Tyndale about faith in politics. He is one of TN best legislators and certainly one of the most faithful. He holds the same position on the abortion that George Bush holds. He is a staunch defender of having a clear exception for the life of the mother and for rape victims. This has caused him to catch flack from the TN pro-life leaders. I am ashamed of how they have miss represented him in past elections. I think some of them may not have finished college. I am essentially a Republican because I don’t really have another choice. Roy is a Dem. I had a chance to vote for him in the last election. I am ashamed to say that I didn’t. I read a report from the TN pro-life org. and it made me concerned. I should have known better. Politically speaking, pro-life groups are experts and distorting political records. I am going to check out this site. I know him to be an evangelical believer. I man who counts Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Perry McCall said...

I just read the ABP article about the web site. I find it interesting that the Record did not include in their excerpt Roy Herron explicitly stating that he is pro-life and against gay marriage. check out the site. It is

Matt Snowden said...


One of my favorite Dems. is Tony Hall a former Ohio rep. He has a book out with Word Publishing. He also has a daughter at Asbury Seminary.

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