Preaching Preview for 9.24.06

Morning: Jim Didlake of the Mississippi Baptist Convention will be with us. He will be talking about the state missions offering that we will be collecting in October.

Evening: Bob Griner, a church planter and pastor of the South Mountain Community Church in Milburn, New Jersey, will be with us to talk about the Strategic Focus Cities Initiative. We are partnering with other churches in the Mississippi Baptist Convention to plant congregations in New York, Cleveland, Baltimore and Vancouver.

Don't miss the opportunity the hear these men talk about what God is doing and our role in it!


Kevin Bussey said...


This has nothing to do with this post. email me with your cell # and we can see about getting together @ Catalyst. I'm staying near the Mall of GA - next door to Starbucks!.

Matt Snowden said...


I'll do it. Thanks.

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