Preaching Preview for 8.8.06

Morning Sermon Series: Intense Life
Text: Psalm 119:25-32

In Psalm 119:25-32 the psalmist says that his life is, "in the dust." Eugene Peterson captures the sense of this passage in the Message, "I'm feeling terrible - I couldn't feel worse! Get me on my feet again. You promised, remember?" When I read those words I can't help but hear the words of an old rock and roll song - "do-do do, another one bites the dust." There are times in our life with God that we simple feel like the LIFE Jesus gave us is bound up and in a tomb. During these time we often want God to change our circumstances. He often does. The vital thing to remember is that he always wants to change us. He wants to, "enlarge my (your) heart" (v. 32 KJV).

Read this section of the Psalm and list the ways God wants to enlarge your heart so that you can experience life as God would have it.

Evening Teaching Series: Romans
Text: Romans 1:1-16


Matt Snowden said...

Thanks. I am glad to know that I get the mother in law vote of confidence.

Unknown said...

I have not personally read the Baptist Manifesto. However, my theology professor (Steven Harmon) was instrumental in the writing of the manifesto and he is a strong supporter of the ideas represented within it. I imagine that, Since Dr. Harmon has been so involved in Baptist life in the past and had a part in writing the manifesto, that we will deal with it at some point. I imagine I would agree with most of its statements dealing with the danger of a solely individualistic interpretation of Scripture (see this article for an interesting perspective: Dr. Harmon @ Campbell was an author of this article.

Thanks for the comment! Grace and Peace,
Andrew S. Tatum

Oh and my URL is Your blog won't let me leave my comment with that URL. Good thing I've got an old Blogger account

Matt Snowden said...


Dr. Harmon made quite a splash in the Baptist blogs when Timothy George wrote his piece. I had a course this year with Roger Olson. He was one of the signers. When I read your post I thought of the manifesto. You should read it. I hear Dr. Harmon has a book coming out. Can you tell me about it?

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