Wednesday's Word: athletae Dei

St. Anthony of Egypt was fond of speaking of maturing Christians as the athletes of God. Contemporary spiritual writers like Richard Foster and Fisher Humphreys make use of this image to encourage growth in godliness. The Apostle Paul used athletic ideas to spur his protege Timothy toward growth. Tonight we will explore I Timothy 4:6-9. In this passage Paul points to three important elememts of physical and spiritual training.

1. Nourishment
2. Abstinence
3. Exercise

Join us tonight! Can you hear the Rocky music in the background?


Anonymous said...

As we prepare for the Ironman Triathlon here in Kona, such a study seems very appropos! (No, we aren't competing, just volunteering).

Matt Snowden said...

I have a friend that runs in those things. I think he may have lost his mind but he is very inspiring.

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