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"How does God's love abide in anyone who has the world's goods and sees a brother or sister in need and yet refuses help." 1 John 3:17 NRSV

"I desire compassion." Jesus in Matthew 9:13

Many of you have heard about our church's partnership with Wesley House Community Center. During the summer one of our Sunday School classes took the Walking challenge and began to serve in a significant way. Over $50,000 has been raised and a children's ministry area is being constructed as you read this. This has been a mustard seed/grass roots effort and God has really blessed the work. The editor of the Meridian Star called it one of the most compelling local stories of the year. His family has started attending FBC Meridian because of it's impact on his life.

My friend Trey Long has been at the front of this effort and many others have dedicated time and resources. Trey has been asked by a number of people how they can help with the work in the East End area of Meridian. He is working with Wesley House to make needs known through the same mustard seed/grass roots network that raised the funds for Playground for Jesus. We would like to see this network grow. If you would like to hear about local needs so that you can help see those needs met then please read the email from Trey that I include in this post and send him your email address.




I have decided to start a new email ministry called the 1 John 3:17 email list.


“If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him?”

Many of you have asked how can I help the Wesley House. I have decided to start getting individual stories of people in our community that you can help if God calls you to. I know everybody has limited incomes, but many people are willing to help if they know who and what their money is going to. I simply cannot afford to do it all, and neither can you. I have a hard time going to sleep at night knowing somebody in this world who is trying their best needs a little help. So in reflecting upon what I could do I decided to start emailing all of you. If you do not want to get emails from me with stories of needy individuals please email me back and I will take you off the list. If you know somebody who would like to be added to this list please send me their email address. The more email addresses I get the better. When I send you an email I will give the story, and amount needed to help in that situation. If you decide to help contact me through email or call me 601-934-9427. The money you give will go in full to the individual if you decide to help. God is so good, and thank you for being somebody God can use. Please pray for each story and see if God gives you the means to help. If God puts it on your heart, please do not use the excuse somebody else will take care of it because it might go undone.

**All donations are tax deductible**

For your information- Any story I email you will be after an individual has been checked out through the Wesley House Clearing Procedure. Each individual must bring proof of I.D., pay stubs, tax records, social security for each member of the household, any child over 18 must provide income information, receiving any subsidy (food stamps, housing allowance, etc.), and proof of all outgoing bills. There is an extensive application that proves who the people are and the situation they face. Phone calls are placed to verify employment and information provided.

Today’s Need - $365.00

35 year old woman with a 10 year old girl. Husband walked out on the family 3 years ago when the woman asked for food. She has done well in providing for herself and her girl, but has recently run into trouble. This woman has never asked for help in the past. She does not live in your typical needy neighborhood. She might very well be your neighbor. She cannot afford to pay her heating utility bill. With the cold weather approaching she is scared her heat might be disconnected. $365.00 would go directly to this woman for the purpose of having heat for the winter. What could you do with $365.00? Provide heat for a 35 year old woman and her 10 year old girl for the winter.


Trey Long

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