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I graduated from Baylor's George W. Truett Theological today. I've spent the last four years in the Doctor of Ministry program. Meredith and I had two children and we moved to a different city during this time. We've seen some major life change and Truett has been a part of it.

Thinking about my Truett experience always makes me feel grateful. I've met some truly wonderful people through Truett. David Garland was my faculty supervisor. I met him in Jackson 9 years ago and he is the major reason I chose Truett in the first place. Dr. Garland is a brilliant man but that is not his best trait. Dr. Garland loves Jesus and has a passion for the church. He's a humble man and his contribution to my life has been huge. Dr. Ron Cook leads the program. He is full of pastoral wisdom and I can see myself leaning on him in the years to come. I've come to really appreciate his insights into the work of ministry. I learned major lessons on leadership from Terry York and Levi Price. Those guys are great. Roger Olson and Bert Dominy helped me think through some tricky theological issues. I'll always remember the day Dr. Dominy asked me to lunch and encouraged me to stive for great things. Theresa Muirhead and Michael Godfrey gave me tons of practical help. They were wonderful. Great organizations and built by good people. Truett is filled with good people.

The thing I liked most about the school is the deep commitment to the mission of God. I was talking to my friend Will the other day about Truett. He is currently in the program and will be finishing soon. He said that the thing that stands out the him is the obvious desire to please God he sees in all the professors at Truett. Will is right, I sense it as well.

This rambling scribble is a simple thank you to a wonderful place. If you are thinking about theological education you owe it to yourself to consider Truett. You are sure to be surprised.

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