Preach on Mr. T

I went to see the A Team with some friends a few weeks ago. It was fun. The movie was more crass than the old tv show so I wouldn't recommend it for all ages but it did bring back some great memories. What child of the 80s doesn't remember Mr. T's line, "I pity the fool." Fools should be pitied for sure but we also need a strategy for dealing with them. If you shake a magnolia tree ten of them will fall out so we need to learn how to live wisely among them.

I will lead a bible study tonight on 1 Samuel 25. It's a great story with interesting characters. David, Nabal, and Abigail's interactions give us some great principles for living wisely among the foolish.  This is how I've distilled them:
1. Do not become a fool dealing with a fool.
2. Remember God.
3. Remember your purpose and identity.
4. Value a clean conscience.
5. Refuse personal vengeance.
Lagniappe - Pity the fool.

Read 1 Samuel 25 and see if you can identify these principles. Come to The Gathering @ FBC Meridian tonight if you can. 6:30. Have a great day y'all.

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