Trouble Viewing Broken Steeple Using Internet Explorer?

Many readers have reported trouble viewing Broken Steeple in Internet Explorer 8.  The problem is in IE8's "compatability view."  "Compatability view" is designed to help you view older websites with a newer web browser like IE8.  The problem arises when "compability view" is on and you are viewing a newer designed website like Borken Steeple.  Don't worry though, it can be turned off with the click of a button.  Heres how...

(Remember you can click any of the images below to view them larger!)

Steps 1-2:  Make sure you have the "Compatability View Button" turned on.  You can check this by right clicking in the blank area on the toolbar as seen in the picture below.  If the "Compatability View Button" is not checked, click it to put a check beside it. 
3.  Locate the "Compatability View Button" next to the referesh button at the top of the brower as seen in the picture below.  Click the icon. 

4.  Broken Steeple should now look like the picture below.

If you are still having trouble viewing the site, you can leave a comment to this post or let Matt know via Facebook! 

This post is brought to you by Matt's personal webmaster, Will.


Matt Snowden said...

Will - your title should be "Matt's buddy who likes to fool around with his blog". Thanks friend.

Unknown said...

Matt's friend, Will - who hijacked his blog and completely redesigned it, thus causing viewing problems for his family and friends.

Did the instructions help?

By the way, I enjoyed the Sermon on the previous post. I watched it while catching up with general office stuff after being gone last week.

Matt Snowden said...

I'm glad you liked it. My mom thought I was a wimp for editing the "Chunky River Raft Race Story." I tell you the rest of it later.

Unknown said...

Did you get your mom's computer to show the site okay?

Matt Snowden said...

Yes. She just needed the upgrade. Thanks.

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