Where is your church?

I normally have a few books going. I just finished two that dealt with some important aspects of missional Christianity. Stetzer and Rainer’s, Transformational Church, was really good. I also enjoyed a book by a Foursquare pastor named Jerry Cook titled, The Monday Morning Church: Out of the Sanctuary and Into the Streets. Each one these asked a version of the question, “Where is your church?”

Cook talked about his seminary days at Fuller. He said that Richard Halverson, a longtime Presbyterian minister in Washington D.C., would visit the campus yearly. One day a student asked him, “Dr. Halverson, where is your church?” This was his response - “Well, it’s three o’clock in Washington, D.C. The church I pastor is all over the city. It’s driving buses, serving meals in restaurants, sitting in board meetings, having discussions in the Pentagon, deliberating in congress.”
Stetzer and Rainer concluded their book with a comparison of two types of churches. The fictional missional church was named Riverview. Here how they characterized the congregation. “The ministry with Riverview is not based on the location of the church campus but the location of the church members.”
Were is your church?
It is at least partially present where you are right now. The life you live and the ministry you pursue are as important as anything that goes on in a collectively owned building somewhere in your town. We ARE the church. We’ll gather later but we’re scattered now.

Let get in on God’s mission in the world!

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