The Freshness of Altitude and the Bloom of Glory

As a student at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary I would check out old sermon tapes from the library to listen to on my way home to our little parsonage in Wanilla, Mississippi. I grew fond of a salty old preacher named John Killinger. I heard Killenger give a lecture tonight that I thought was amazing.

His lecture was tited, "Preaching as the Footnotes of Mystery." In it he called us to climb the mountain of God to find the "freshness of altitude" and return to preach with the "bloom of glory" on our faces. Killinger counseled us listening preachers (a rare congregation) to resolve not to preach until we had done three things:

1. Have met with God. A sermon should not be delivered until we reside in God's presence.

2. Have done a comprehensive search of scripture and tradition. He said we need the full weight of the spear behind us and not just the point.

3. Have a clear idea of what your people need to hear.

I think this counsel is sound and life giving. What do you think?


Perry McCall said...

I like it. It is a little touchy feely but I get the point. I know that I forget how spiritual the event is. Sometimes I feel a little guilty for trying to internalize the message too much. But I am constantly reminded that when I don’t take the time in preparation to truly make the message my own encounter with God that it doesn’t seem that anybody else has an encounter with God either.

Matt Snowden said...


It was less touchy feely when Killinger gave his remarks. He quoted Faulkner, Beckett, Elliot, etc. He was honestly a little raw in a good kind of way. We are singing, "God of Grace, God of Glory" now so I need to go. I'll keep ya'll posted on this consultation it is really good.

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