I’m sitting in my office at First Baptist Waco reading an old collection of revival sermons. They were preached by B.H. Carroll. I found the book when I unpacked an ugly stack of boxes last week. When I looked at the cover I realized that Carroll had once served this congregation. He paved the way. I decided that I would revisit the old pastor’s messages and pray for revival in our generation.

Carroll once called the church to bring men and women to Jesus and stop. Our job is to invite and introduce. We must trust God to do his great work of redemption. Here’s an example of his thought –

“If you have been found of Jesus, then your chief mission is to be a finder for Jesus, and your chief argument in bringing people to Jesus is the fact that you have found Jesus yourself, that is, your Christian experience; and as a remedy against any objection in the way of preconceived opinion on the part of the one you are trying to lead to Jesus, you are to use no argument, no scolding, but simply, ‘Come and see.’”

We must nurture a church culture that values four simple actions. We must invest in our friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and the stranger in our midst. We must invite them to join us in worship. We must include them in the life our community. We must introduce them to the Jesus that searched and found us.

We have a story of hope to share. Let’s share it together. I believe that there are great days of ministry in our future. Thank you for calling me to serve as your pastor.

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