Will the Lord be pleased...

I went to a pastor's conference in Jackson, Mississippi a few years ago and experienced a really weird sacrament. The preacher closed his message with an invitation to come to the altar and receive a smiley face sticker. We were grown-ups and ministers of the gospel. What did we do? We ambled down like sheep to get our sticky trinket. The funny thing is the goofy little act stuck with me. I've still got the grinning little dot in the front of my bible. What was the point?

He wanted all of us give ourselves to living for the pleasure of God. There are many ways to live but the wised and most vibrant way to live is for the pleasure and glory of God. This is what the prophet Micah was after in the 8th century.

This Sunday morning I will explore Micah's answer to the question, "Will the Lord be pleased?" If you are in Central Texas then we'd love for you to join us at FBC Waco for our 10:30 worship experience.  FBC family - please prepare your hearts by reading to book of Micah. Have a great weekend y'all!

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