Mission Venture

I promised my friends Ward and Kristen that I would run in a 5k this year. I try to keep my word so I've been pounding the pavement early in the mornings. You may now call me Thunder. My route takes me through a quiet park and neighborhood.  I pass the Westwood Baptist Church every day.  I stopped this  morning to read the church sign.  It gives a brief history of the congregation's long history.  You can read the lead paragraph in the photo. I was struck by the fact that faculty and students worked together to do something for the glory of God. It made me think of the great Baylor faculty and students we have at FBC Waco.  It made me think of the rest of us. We don't just share pews one day a week. We share in a mission venture! The Westwood Church still has a ministy in this world. The day we moved in a teenage member of the congregation invited my family to worship. The efforts of faculty and students so many years ago touched my family the day of our arrival in the community. Faithful ministry is enduring. We may not see all that God wants to do through our acts of  service but we can rest in the hope that he is working. Don't go to church. Take part in the venture!

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