Saved by Hope

I was a cradle roll Baptist. I was a Sunday School kid. I grew up having  really wonderful people tell me that Jesus loved me and I believed them. They also taught me about sin and salvation. My childhood teachers taught me that salvation had past, present, and future dimensions. They used words like regeneration, sanctification, and glorification.  I remember hearing these repeated for years. I'm pretty sure that they were influenced by the 1963 Baptist Faith and Message.  I still have a copy my dad got in 1971.

The '63 BF&M still serves FBC Waco as a helpful guide.  It's ours. When I look out over the congregation Sunday I will see Aaron Ogburn. His dad Tom sits at Hershel Hobbs desk at FBC Oklahoma City. I'll see Dr. Ruth Pitts.  Her father, James H. Landes, served on the committee. Curt Kruschwitz' grandfather, V.C. Kruschwitz, also helped craft the document. These folks worked and their words trickled down to children like me.

 I'll preach from Romans 8 this Sunday morning. This magnificent passage of scripture explores the riches of salvation. It calls us to embrace the past, present, and future aspects of it. Read Romans 8 before Sunday and revisit the '63 statement on salvation. Both will give you plenty of reason to celebrate God's goodness. Have a good weekend.

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