Home is a powerful word. It summons deep emotion. I don't know a single person that is moderate about it. That's power. Jesus talked about spiritual home in John 14. God is our dwelling place and we are the dwelling place of God. He promised not the leave us orphaned.

The gifts of home are guidance, peace, and courage. I need all three and so do you. Please read John 14 and join us for worship at FBC Waco this Sunday @ 10:30. I'm praying that many people will come home. Have a great weekend y'all!


Unknown said...

When will I be able to watch sermons online?

Matt Snowden said...

I hope very soon. What are your thoughts on going audio only?

Unknown said...

If you go audio only, just make sure it can be subscribed to as a podcast. Then I could simply put the address in my MP3 player's software and it would automatically be added to my Zune every week!

That is how we have ours set up. A pastor friend of mine uses sermon.net to broadcast his sermons. I think he uses the free plan they have.

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