I'm Going to Graceland

We began our work with the Gracland Baptist Church today. We had a great day and are looking forward to a fruitful week. In addition to working at Graceland we met with Adrian Turner to discuss future ministry partnerships. Adrian is the port chaplain in Pascagoula. His ministry at the seaman's center touches men from all over the world. They stock bibles and ministry materials in over fifty languages. Thomas Friedman's flat world theory suggest that we are living in a JerusalemJudeaSamariaEnds world. Global trade at the ports of Mississippi presents a unique ministry opportunity for us. The World comes here. Let's be sure that they are touched with the kindness of Jesus during their stay.

People along the coast are nervous about the hurricane season while still dealing with last year's devastation. We are making plans to welcome them into our homes if need be. Please do not forget to pray for coastal Mississippi.

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