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The most interesting piece in the Record this week was William Perkins' editorial on the '06 SBC. He addressed three key convention events.

1. The Election of Frank Page
Perkins explored the election of Frank Page to the SCB presidency. There were a number of factors that led to this election. Perkins chose to focus on the role of the cooperative program. I agree that the CP was a factor for many messengers. Another key factor was the role Page played as an alternative to the hand picked candidates of the Patterson/Pressler junta. The spell has been broken - genuine participation in the SBC is a possibility again.

2. The WMU
The messengers of the convention voted against a motion presented by the executive committee calling the WMU to formally join the SBC as an agency. Strike two for the junta.

3. The Alcohol Resolution
The convention passed a new anti-alcohol resoltion. The vote was a landslide but many were still upset by the modest opposition it received. I totally abstain but do see clearly the oppostion's position. They simply did not want an extra-biblical mandate placed on Baptists. This is not a liberal or even moderate position. The uberConservative John Piper took this position in the Broadman and Holman book, Brothers We Are Not Professionals (chapter 21). I think this resolution was a backhanded slap at Steve McCoy, Ben Cole, Wade Burleson, etc. It was a bit pointless but to be expected.

Perkins concluded his piece by stating, "There did seem to be a feeling that the winds of change are blowing. It's much too early to declare that a revolution is at hand or that the current system is on the verge of toppling, but one thing is clear: if the messengers to this annual meeting are restless, the people of the churches who sent them are restless. Stay tuned." WE WILL!

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