The Kingdom of God and the RV Park

We had a good day at GBC. Our ministry time with them seems to be going really well. We stirred things up a little today though. We wanted to go and meet some other people in the community after our children's ministry. A woman named Amy arranged for us to go swimming in a creek at a local RV park. This seemed to bother some of the church ladies and they began to offer us many other options for our "free time." Amy is a new Christian and is not "church broke." She loves Jesus, talks loud, smokes Marlboro reds, and has lots of friends who are not Christians. We looked at the other options and decided to hang with Amy.

The RV park had more rebel flags than the Confederacy. Almost every adult had a tatoo and absolutly none of the kids were planning on attending anybody's VBS. Amy showed us the ropes and we met a lot of new people. I talked to a young mother of two who was recently widowed after eleven years. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she told her story. She is one of Amy's friends and Amy invited her kids to our children's ministry at the church. She said they would come. This woman and her kids really need the "church ladies" to be Jesus for them. Pray that Amy and our team will be used by God to stir new passion for missional living at Graceland Baptist Church.

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