The Raw Expression of Authority

I will be in seminars at Truett Seminary for a couple of weeks. I have been in the program for a year and believe that Truett is a great fit for missional Baptists. Truett is more conservative than many believe, yet open to fresh perspectives. Like me, many of the students have M.Divs from SBC schools. Today our discussion was led by Dr. Terry York. Dr. York was the editor of the '91 Baptist Hymnal and has had many years of experience in church and denominational ministry. He contrasted true leadership with the raw expression of authority. Leadership is a gift from the follower. It is born in relationship and is nurtured on trust and respect. The expression of authority, on the other hand, depends on titles and never grows past the job description.

It seems to me that the crisis in the SBC and in many churches is a crisis of leadership. Let's all try to get it right. Much is riding on it.

I miss you Meredith and Molly Katherine!

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